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Symptoms Of Lissencephaly You Should Know

Have you experienced some abnormalities with your child? Because when you see that there is something different with your child compared to how normal a child should be it would be best that you should have the child check by a doctor or sent to the hospital. There is, after all, a brain illness called lissencephaly that can be life threatening to the child. The child would feel a lot of pain, you will be challenged to care for the child and the child would have a shorter life span.

Here are even symptoms to show if your child has lissencephaly.

Abnormally Small Head (Optional)

This can be an option because there are babies who just have small heads while others are caused because of lissencephaly. That is why you should have your child check before thinking of a worst case scenario.


When your child has a seizure then you know that there is something wrong because a seizure is an instant pain that the child would feel. You wouldn’t even know when it can happen which makes seizure a bit complicated.

Psychomotor Impairment

Just like intellectual impairment but this time the child wouldn’t only think slow but also do things slower than normal that is why it would be hard for you to teach and feed the child. That is why you should always be alert because the child might do things that can harm itself.

Trouble Swallowing

Because it is hard to feed a child with lissencephaly it will also be hard for them to swallow the food you are giving them. You are still using your brain when you swallow and with the lissencephaly, it would be a hindrance for the child.

Intellectual Impairment

Kids with lissencephaly tend to think slower because for one thing is the organ that is damage is the brain and the brain is the one that deals with everything about the body so when it is damaged the child would think things slower. This would be difficult for you to start teaching them.

Muscles Spasms

This is really hard for the children because they wouldn’t know what time of the day they would start to have muscle pain. Muscle pain, after all, can be a hindrance to a child because they wouldn’t be able to do normal things. Also experiencing such things can be very hard.

Difficulty Feeding

Though feeding an infant can be hard but when you are feeding an infant with lissencephaly it can get harder because you would have to have double the patient and you can’t force it because they might not eat it. There will also be other hindrance as to why it is difficult for you to feed them.

Malformed fingers, toes or hands

The fingers, toes or even the hands of your child wouldn’t look normal due to the brain damage caused by lissencephaly. How it looks may vary but one thing is it wouldn’t look normal.You would have to understand as well that how they walk and write would be difficult and different.

If you notice these symptoms in your child then it would be best that you take them to a doctor or to the nearest hospital to have them check. You can’t after all ignore this illness because it can be very difficult for the child and yourself but mostly the child. You see when children have the lissencephaly can shorten their lifespan and having a normal life would be near to impossible for them. That is why with these symptoms you shouldn’t take any chances because if there is a cure or a way to cure the child of such an illness then try to have it.



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